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a poem by me

Life is depressing, life is sad,
Life is dark, life makes me mad,
Life is like a rainy sky of gray,
I beg for someone to take my pain away,
I receive no answers, not one little sign,
I fear that I'm running out of time,
I feel that my options may be running out,
I walk all alone on this lonely gray route,
No one can help, for nobody cares,
The pain is too much, more than I can bear,
I'm secluded in darkness, alone, cold, and scared,
I need you to help me, your wisdom must be shared,
I want someone to help me, to just be my guide,
I need someone near me, right here by my side,
The pain hurts so much, more each night and each day,
The colors of my world are blacks, reds, and grays,
Each night I cry blood red tears,
No words could ever describe all my fears,
I need someone to love me, but nobody will,
Darkness fills my heart with a cold icy chill,
I never imagined life was this hard,
But all the black life contains has caught me off-guard,
The pain that life causes, it hurts more than death,
I feel the easiest way out is to breathe my last breath,
Each moment of life is a terrified cry,
Please someone help me, I don't want to die,
But here in this world, I'm so cold and alone,
I'm screaming for help, yet my call goes unknown,
It's as if there's no hope, no unseen ray of light,
The light fades to darkness, black conquers the white,
The pain keeps increasing, I'm slipping away,
But the pain will be gone by the end of the day,
There's no more I can do,
But I want you to know, all I wanted was you,
I wanted you to help me, but you just couldn't see,
How desperately in need of your help I could be,
But now no one can help me, not even you,
For no matter what, their help would never be true,
And by true, I mean it doesn't come from the heart,
Life wears me down, from this world I'll depart,
The darkness has conquered the brightness of day,
The thoughts I am thinking, no words could display,
I'm a rose without water, a rose without light,
A rose without purpose, a rose without life,
I struggle for life,
But I'm losing the fight,
For you were my water, the light of my day,
But when you abandoned me, you took life away,
I wish you were here to tell me what to do,
But you can not help me, for your heart is not true,
All I know now is the darkness of night,
I long for you, I long for light,
But my pain has now ended, as life comes to a close,
I lay silent and still, this shall be my last pose,
My head rests on my pillow, I lay still on my bed,
My cheeks are stained by my tears of blood red,
It almost looks as though I'm sleeping,
But the truth is that I died while I was weeping,l
Crying and weeping, weeping for you,
For although I loved you, you were not true,
The window is closed now, to shut out your light,
I no longer need it, I've ended my plight.
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